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•  Profile of UPRH Academic Areas 2007-08:    
Includes Statistics by Gender

•  Profile of UPRH Academic Areas 2006-07:  
Includes Statistics by Gender

•  Climate Study 2007
Executive Summary
    Full Report in Spanish
    Climate and Organizational Culture Brochure (February 2009)

Effectiveness and Outcomes 2005  
   Elena Batista, External Evaluator, October 2005 

•  Baseline Data Analysis    
Félix López and Sol Taina Cintrón, Research Assistant,
    September 2005 

•  Guide for Affirmative Action in the Recruitment
    of Faculty Personnel for the UPR-H
    Esther Vicente, Consultant
•  Dual Science Career Couples at the UPR-H 
    Idalia Ramos, PI, June 2004

•  Examining the Leaky Pipeline in PR 
    Sara Benítez, Co-PI, September 2004

•  Perceptions of Faculty and Administrators at the UPR-H
    Myrna Ayala and María del C. Cruz, External Evaluators, June 2004